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Discover the versatility of cork

For a more cost effective option for your home, cork flooring is a great choice! If you are not well versed in the look and feel of cork flooring. We have a great range of cork flooring and you will see how it is a great option for your home's flooring. As with all our flooring surfaces, our skilled team can take care of everything. We can source you excellent materials, install the flooring and do everything we can to ensure it looks fantastic in your home.

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Advantages of cork flooring

Cork from trees that go on living

As with all the flooring surfaces offered at Gold Coast Cork & Timber, there are many advantages to cork flooring. Our friendly team could spend all day talking about why cork flooring is a great choice for your home. But we understand you don't have all day, so here is a short list!

  • Durability in high traffic areas, making it ideal for offices and retail outlets
  • Various different shades to match your décor
  • Finishes can either be matte, satin, semi gloss or gloss (also water based coatings)
  • Flexibility with styles – use of boarders & seamless look
  • Easy clean – spills are easy to wipe
  • Easy to lay & repair
  • Cool in summer
  • Warm in winter
  • Environmentally friendly